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Are there college scholarships for a student with a brain injury?

Dedicated scholarships for students with a brain injury are rare, and may be difficult to find although inquiries about college options for students with brain injuries have significantly increased over the last decade. There are numerous resources for students with disabilities that may benefit students with a brain injury and most colleges and universities have staff with experience in helping students with disabilities identify and access the accommodations needed to be as successful as possible.

Most students need financial assistance to pay for college. The federal government and most states offer scholarships, loans, grants, and other programs. The state office of vocational rehabilitation may also fund tuition, books and supplies, and services for eligible students. Ask prospective schools about tuition waiver and discount programs. Certain professions with workforce shortages, such as nursing, offer incentives for students to consider entering the profession.

Exploring sources of financial aid takes time. A high school guidance counselor, transition specialist, or the college financial aid office can help point the student and family in the right direction. Public librarians can often suggest good places to look, both in print and online.  Read the suggested resources below. They offer specific websites and publications that other students have found to be useful resources.


Life After High School: The Next Steps published by the Brain Injury Association of America
Young Adults and College - an article originally published in the THE Challenge!
Student Self Assessment - a self assessment tool for students with a disability thinking about attending college
College Money - A collection of resources for students with disabilities developed by the Brain Injury Association of America

 College Opportunities On-Line(COOL) provides links to nearly 7,000 universities, liberal arts colleges, specialized colleges, community colleges, career or technical colleges, and trade schools. COOL is a service of the U.S. Department of Education.

The U.S. Department of Education offers information about federal student aid programs including grants, loans, and programs such as Federal Work Study. Schools are not required to participate in any of these federal financial aid programs. Be sure to check with each school that you are considering. 

The Federal Student Aid website offers information about federal, state, and private sources of financial aid. It also offers information about preparing for and selecting colleges.


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