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The ACBIS mission is to provide education, training, certification, and ongoing resources for specialists in the brain injury community.


The Academy provides a body of knowledge that strives to improve the quality of care for individuals with brain injury.


In early 1990, 565 acute, sub-acute, and post-acute programs were surveyed regarding the training needs of licensed and non-licensed staff in brain injury services. Seventy-five percent of the respondents (45% response rate) indicated that specialized training is needed for licensed staff, and 84% indicated that training is needed for non-licensed staff. The majority of survey respondents also indicated they would give hiring preference and higher pay to individuals with brain injury training. Furthermore, 90% of the respondents agreed that the training curriculum include the following topics:

  • Cognitive, psychological and social consequences of brain injury, behavioral approach for managing challenging behaviors and promoting positive skills, and

  • Techniques for effectively working with families.

In 1996, the Brain Injury Association of America established ACBIS as a standing committee of the association to address these training needs. ACBIS operates under its own by-laws as approved by the Board of Directors of the Brain Injury Association of America. ACBIS Committee Members are experienced professionals in the field of brain injury rehabilitation who volunteer their time and expertise to developing a certification program that meets the needs of the brain injury community.

Program Overview

Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS):

ACBIS currently offers CBIS. The training and certification exam are intended for paraprofessionals and professionals at all levels who want a strong foundation in the best practices in brain injury rehabilitation. At this level, applicants attend a training to prepare them to take the certification examination. Applicants may also elect to prepare for the exam through self-study. To obtain CBIS, candidates must complete the required work experience and training and must pass an examination.

More information on the eligibility requirements and the application process for becoming a CBIS can be found here.

Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer (CBIST):

ACBIS also offers certification for experienced professionals who would like to become CBISTs, providing ACBIS training and administering the CBIS exams.

More information on the eligibility requirements and the application process for becoming a CBIST can be found here.

Click here for information about the ACBIS Board of Governors.

Board members may access the designated Board workspace here. 

Corporate Advisory Council

The ACBIS Board thanks the Corporate Advisory Council for their support and guidance.

The Corporate Advisory Committee is comprised of a group of professionals that represent treatment facilities from around the country. By offering their financial and advisory support, they have demonstrated their commitment to the provision of excellent care and treatment by accredited, trained staff.

Corporate Advisory Council Members:

  • Bancroft Neurohealth
  • Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation
  • Centre for Neuro Skills
  • Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Centers
  • Learning Services Corporation
  • The May Institute, Inc.
  • The Mentor ABI Group
  • Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers, Inc.
  • Rehab Without Walls, Inc.
  • ReMed
  • Robert Voogt & Associates
  • Special Tree Rehabilitation System

Contact Information

Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists
c/o Brain Injury Association of America

1608 Spring Hill Road, Suite 110

Vienna, VA  22182

703-761-0750 Ext. 631 
FAX: 703-761-0750

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