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ACBIS - Alliance Program

ACBIS Alliance Program

The ACBIS Alliance provides public recognition to a brain injury services provider or designated facility that has achieved the benchmark of having 20% of its staff who are eligible for national certification certified as CBIS or CBIST.

Persons who meet the requirements of certification have demonstrated their understanding of brain injury and brain injury systems of care and accumulated the experiential requirements. ACBIS established the Alliance Member Award to recognize and honor providers of brain injury services that support and encourage national certification of their staff and thereby demonstrate a commitment to provide higher quality services to persons with brain injury.

A full-color promotional PDF brochure for the Alliance Program can be found here.

Please click here to view a list of Alliance Members,  


To qualify as an ACBIS Alliance Member, an organization must have a minimum of 20% of its staff who are eligible for certification (not all staff) certified as CBIS or CBIST in any given application year at a selected building, facility, or total organization level. The eligibility criteria for CBIS and CBIST are found on the tabs at left.

If the 20% minimum certified level of eligible staff level is achieved for successive application years from the initial approved award date, the facility or organization is eligible for continuing recognition as follows:

Silver Level:  1st year

Gold Level:   2nd year

Platinum Level:  3rd and successive years

If consecutive eligibility is not achieved, the organization may apply the following year at the Silver award level.


  • Acknowledgment letter to CEO
  • Plaque to display (e.g., in the organization’s home office or main facility lobby)
  • Permission to use the Alliance Member designation (if active for that year) in the company’s or facility’s marketing, promotion materials and Website
  • Listing on the ACBIS website as an Alliance Member
  • Membership communicates to both internal staff and external partners that the organization is committed to excellence in care through the training and certification process

Application Process

  • Application may be made at any time during a calendar year.
  • The application consists of a form and accompanying documentation.
  • Applications are submitted by e-mail or US Mail.
  • It is the responsibility of the submitting agency to determine and confirm the number of eligible staff within their organization at the time of application and those who are currently CBIS or CBIST.  See the eligibility criteria for CBIS and CBIST at the respective tabs to the left.
  • Attach an employee roster file (Microsoft Word or Excel) of the employees eligible for certification for the company or the designated facility applying for and indicate those who are currently certified as CBIS or CBIST.  To protect confidentiality one may submit only job title and initials of those eligible for certification.  The data fields necessary for the list of eligible staff members are:
    • Name or initials
    • Job title
    • Whether currently certified as CBIS or CBIST
  • The information submitted regarding actual numbers of employees and certified staff will be held in strict confidence and not made public.  The BIAA/ACBIS staff will only use this information to determine Alliance eligibility.
  • Please allow eight weeks for the verifying letter and plaque to arrive.

The Alliance Program Application can be found here. You can either email this application to or mail it to:


1608 Spring Hill Road, Suite 110

Vienna, VA  22182


  • The Alliance application fee is $1,000 per approved calendar year for each facility.
  • Payment must be made by credit card or check at the time of application.

If you wish to pay by credit card, you can do so in the BIAA Bookstore, here.

Please contact ACBIS at 703-761-0750 x631 if you have any questions regarding this program.

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