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ACBIS - Renewal Process

Certification Renewal Process

In order to maintain certification, both Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS) and Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainers (CBIST) are required to pay annual renewal fees and either (1) satisfy continuing education requirements or (2) retake and pass the examination.

Please note that certificants who do not submit the required fee and renewal application (including continuing education documentation) will become inactive after 60 days post certification expiration date. Certificants are able to submit the required documentation up to 90 days past the certification expiration date with the addition of a $25 late fee; however, CEU documentation must be within the 60 day grace period time frame. Certificants who do not renew within this time period will be required to resubmit all application materials (including fee) and retake the examination.

The requirements and process to renew your certification are described below. If, after reviewing the instructions, you have questions about the process, please contact the ACBIS Coordinator at 703-761-0750 x631 or

The following link may help you as you begin:

Annual Renewal Process

Each year, certificants must submit the renewal fee ($60) and complete the online renewal form, found by the expiration date printed on the original certificate. Documentation of continuing education accrual is included on the renewal form. A random sampling of 10% of renewal applicants will be contacted to submit documentation for completion of continuing education activities listed on the renewal form.

Only during the first year of certification, there is a free one-year subscription to the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation. However, as an exclusive benefit, renewing ACBIS certificants have the opportunity to renew subscriptions to the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation for only $50 per year (regular subscription price is $129.99). You may purchase this in our bookstore, through this link.

Renewal Requirements

CBIS: 10 contact hours of continuing education (CE) are required every year.

CBIST: 15 contact hours of continuing education (CE) are required every year and, effective January 1, 2015:

  • CBISTs are required to fulfill, in addition to the CEU requirement, an annual training requirement. Every CBIST must conduct training of ACBIS-related content eight (8) hours annually. Documentation to support a random audit of renewal will include, for each training session conducted, a description of objectives and content and a sign-in sheet of attendees.

Continuing Education (CE) Options: CBIS and CBIST

The following list provides examples of continuing education options approved for CE requirements for both CBISs and CBISTs. Continuing education hours may be distributed across the areas listed below. However, certificants must obtain CE hours from a minimum of 2 of the options listed below.

  • Attendance or Presentations at State and National Conferences with lectures related to brain injury (all contact hours for BIAA conferences could be applied). For other professional conferences (i.e. ASHA), contact hours will only be applied for lectures specifically related to brain injury. This option applies to both conference attendees and conference presenters of brain injury related lectures.
  • College/University courses related to brain injury (contact hours can equal no more than 50% of required CE contact hours).
  • Facility In-Services related to brain injury (in-services, lectures, or workshops provided within work environment).
  • Webinars that are professionally oriented and related to brain injury. The Brain Injury Association of America sponsors quarterly webinars on various topics related to brain injury. Brain injury professionals from around the country conduct these webinars. 
  • Journal Article Review: Certificants may read current (published within the past 3 years) brain injury related articles from journals that are peer reviewed or industry and association publications approved by professional and licensing organizations . Certificants should complete this Journal Article Review Form or written answers to questions posted at the end of the article (this is done by some journals) and maintain the form or written answers in personal files in case the renewal is audited, at which time they should be submitted. One contact hour will be awarded for each article reviewed.
  • Journal Study Groups: Certificants may organize journal study groups that meet regularly to review and discuss specific articles related to brain injury. These groups may be formed for the purpose of satisfying CBIS continuing education as well as other specific professional certification requirements (i.e., ASHA). Group members should take brief notes at their meetings. Group meeting notes may be submitted for CE documentation. One contact hour will be awarded for each meeting.
  • Published Articles: Authors of brain injury related articles can apply credits toward their CE requirement. Peer reviewed journals are preferred but are not required. Newsletter articles do not apply. Primary authors can receive 3 contact hours per article; secondary authors can receive 2 contact hours.

CBIS and CBIST Renewal Process

Step One: Payment

You will need to have either completed your payment through our bookstore or have a check number prior to submitting your renewal application:

Step Two: Electronic Application

Please choose the form corresponding to your certification. You will need your User ID and Password to start the application and populate your information.

Step Three: Records Maintenance

Random renewal audits are conducted and certificants are advised to maintain evidence of continuing education hours for three years. Approved documentation may include continuing education unit transcripts/letters from national organizations, college transcripts, or proof of attendance at in-services/seminars/workshops.


  • Printed, mailed or faxed copies of applications will not be accepted.
  • Once all renewal materials have been received by our office, you can expect to receive your updated certificate via email within 3-4 business days. (Please ensure that your email address is spelled correctly on the renewal application.)

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