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Barack Obama is re-elected as 44th President of the United States

07-Nov-2012 The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) congratulates President Obama on his successful campaign for re-election. During his first term, the President led the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the most sweeping healthcare reform in our nation’s history. BIAA will continue to work with the administration and advocates as the law is implemented at the state level.

BIAA strongly supported “Obamacare” because the mandatory benefit categories and non-discrimination provisions assured all Americans, including individuals who sustain brain injuries, would have access to high quality, comprehensive, affordable healthcare, regardless of their state of residency.

BIAA sincerely appreciates the work of Obama’s administration and that of Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden on behalf of our nation’s wounded warriors. BIAA will continue to work with the Obama administration to ensure the hundreds of thousands of servicemen and women deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan who return with a traumatic brain injury receive the care they deserve.

BIAA looks forward to working with our champions in the Senate where Democrats remain in the majority. BIAA also looks forward to continue our advocacy efforts in the House of Representatives with the leadership from the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force as Republicans retain the majority.

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