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Barbara Dively is a well-known figure in Pennsylvania’s brain injury community and has been a proponent of brain injury services for more than two decades. Twenty-two years ago, Dively sustained a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a car accident. At the time, services were almost nonexistent and there was a general lack of knowledge and information about brain injury. Dively made it her mission to change this and paved the way for brain injury rehabilitation and support services. She helped develop the first local Brain Injury Association (BIAPA), and then went on to be the founder and director of the Acquired Brain Injury Network of Pennsylvania (ABIN-Pa), a non-profit organization run exclusively by and for individuals with brain injury and their families. Dively is stepping down as President of ABIN-Pa this winter due to personal health reasons.

Those who know Barbara Dively describe her as a fierce and brilliant advocate for persons with brain injury. She has been instrumental in achieving brain injury legislation in Pennsylvania. She has also participated in numerous tasks forces and committees, including the Governor’s Advisory Committee for Persons with Disabilities, the Pennsylvania Area Agencies on Aging Training Institute Advisory Committee, and the Pennsylvania Statewide Independent Living Council Government Affairs Committee. Dively regularly speaks at events for medical personnel, political caucuses, group homes, and community group meetings. Her work is recognized by many organizations, including BIAA, BIAPA, PARF, and Inglis House.

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