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Brain Injury Association Announces the Carolyn Rocchio Caregiver Webinars

01-Apr-2016 The Brain Injury Association (BIAA) announced  that the organization is naming the Caregiver webinars the Carolyn Rocchio Caregiver Webinar. These webinars focus on helping family caregivers for people with brain injuries better manage their lives and the care of their family members. 

Carolyn Rocchio is a nationally recognized advocate, author, and speaker in the field of brain injury.  She currently serves on the behavioral panel of the Guidelines for the Rehabilitation and Disease Management of Adults with Moderate to Severe TBI, a three-year research project funded by BIAA and being conducted by the Brain Injury Research Center at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She became an expert on the subject of brain injury as a result of a 1982 auto crash in which her son sustained a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). She is the author of Ketchup on the Baseboard, as well as numerous monographs and book chapters. She is the Founder of the Brain Injury Association of Florida, and served on the Executive Committee of the Brain Injury Association of America.  

“Carolyn Rocchio has been and continues to be a tireless advocate for people with brain injuries,” said Susan H. Connors, President/CEO of BIAA. “Through her work with the BIA of Florida and with the Brain Injury Association of America, she has contributed greatly to the field and we are honored to have her name associated with this webinar series.” 

The first webinar in the newly-named series will take place May 16 at 3:00 p.m. eastern (noon pacific) and is titled “Understanding Mood, Memory, and Behavior After Brain Injury.” Other webinars in the series focus on choosing the right technology, managing caregiver stress, and tips for families about managing personality changes after brain injury. To register for these and other BIAA webinars, visit our Marketplace

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