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Brain Injury Association of America Congratulates Congress for Passing 21st Century Cures


Vienna, Va. – Susan Connors, president and chief executive officer of the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA), congratulates the House of Representatives for passing the 21st Century Cures Act today.

“21st Century Cures is a monumental piece of legislation,” said Connors. “On behalf of the 3.5 million Americans who acquire brain injuries each year and the nearly 9 million who live with a disability because a TBI or stroke, we sincerely thank Chairman Upton, Rep. DeGette, Ranking Member Pallone and the House Energy and Commerce Committee for their efforts to bring this to the House floor. We look forward to the Senate favorably passing this legislation in the near future and having this bill signed into law.”

BIAA strongly supports the 21st Century Cures Act because it will allow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to establish a data collection system to track the incidence and prevalence of neurological conditions, because it provides $4.8 billion in new funding for medical research that will go to the National Institutes of Health, and because the $500 million allotted to the Food and Drug Administration for new treatments will positively impact individuals with brain injury.

BIAA supports the provision that will enhance coordination and collaboration on rehabilitation research and provide for accelerated approval for regenerative medicine products. BIAA also supports the increased national focus and resources to the mental health workforce and increases in access to mental health care.

Lastly, BIAA supports access to power complex rehabilitation technology (CRT) wheelchair accessories – which are fundamental components like tilt-and-recline systems and specialized seat cushions – which will be protected for six more months through 21st Century Cures.

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