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New Brain Injury Resources Posted by BIAA

03-May-2012 BIAA has posted three new Fact Sheets with basic information about brain injuries and the Brain Injury Association of America to its website. Feel free to print or link to any of BIAA’s Fact Sheets.

About Brain Injury includes typical causes and symptoms of both Traumatic Brain Injury and Acquired Brain Injury, as well as tips to aid in recovery.

Brain Injury Statistics is a one-pager reference sheet including the latest statistics on brain injuries, as well as references.

About Brain Injury Association of America gives an overview of the products and services provided by BIAA.

BIAA thanks Meg Woodbury for working with us to produce these new Fact Sheets. Meg is a senior at the University of Maryland and expects to graduate in May 2012 with a B.S. in Community Health from the School of Public Health. As a part of her program of study, Meg accepted a fulltime internship with the Brain Injury Association of America for the spring semester. As an intern, she helps maintain the National Brain Injury Information Center, create fact sheets, and attend meetings and events on Capitol Hill. Meg is applying to medical school for the fall of 2013. Eventually, she would like to become a neurologist and continue to work in the field of brain injury.

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