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The Brain Injury Association of America publishes position papers on topics of concern to the brain injury field. The papers are authored by experts, include full citations and are approved by BIAA's Board of Directors prior to publication. The position papers have been endorsed by, referenced in policy statements and/or reprinted by other organizations. The papers are intended for general audiences. Please contact a member of the BIAA staff to suggest topics for future papers.

Title  Brain Injury Rehabilitation Outcomes
Description The Brain Injury Association of America published this position paper to provide insight into the manner by which existing outcomes research should be evaluated and to urge the utmost care be taken in the design, interpretation, and reporting of future studies of brain injury rehabilitation outcomes.
Author(s)  Cioe N, Seale G, Marquez de la Plata C, Groff A, Gutierrez D, Ashley M, and Connors S.
March 2017
Title  Brain Injury Association of America Federal and State Public Policy Platform
Description The Brain Injury Association of America sets forth its philosophy and positions on a broad range of advocacy issues in this platform statement, including needs for infrastructure building at the state and federal level, data collection, research, treatment, financing of healthcare services and social supports, education, vocational rehabilitation, employment, and injury prevention. Special populations are briefly discussed. 
Author(s)  Brain Injury Association of America with assistance from chartered affiliates
December 2013
Title One Voice: Recommendations to Strengthen Existing Legislation and Programs for Individuals with Brain Injury and Their Families
Description In February 2013, BIAA invited the brain injury organizations to come together to identify commonalities in public policy goals and bring one message to Congress to protect and advance the TBI community in the face of economic turmoil at the federal level. Over the course of seven months, the Consortium members met in person and by teleconference to develop the paper, which will soon be delivered to relevant congressional offices, federal agencies and others.
Author(s)  American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, Brain Injury Association of America, Friends of TBI Model Systems, National Association of State Head Injury Administrators, North American Brain Injury Society, Sarah Jane  Brain Foundation, and United States Brain Injury Alliance
Publication Date  October 2013
Title State of the States: Meeting the Educational Needs of Children with Traumatic Brain Injury
Description This report presents the results of a joint investigation by the Mount Sinai Brain Injury Research Center and the Brain Injury Association of America on the extent to which public schools across America are meeting the educational needs of children with TBI. The report describes why this is an important issue and provides an analysis of interviews conducted with state education agencies and brain injury consumer organizations about current practices in identifying, classifying, assessing and teaching children with brain injury. The report concludes with recommendations for public policy change.  
Author(s)  Wayne A. Gordon, PhD, Jennifer Oswald, Susan Vaughn, MEd, Susan H. Connors, Margaret Brown, PhD 
Publication Date  June 2013
Title Early vs. Late Treatment 
Description The Brain Injury Association of America acknolwedges evidence of the cost effectiveness of early, intensive and effective rehabilitation following brain injury and urges policy changes in how treatment is approached, authorized, delivered and reimbursed.
Author(s)  Mark J. Ashley, ScD, CCC-SLP, CCM, CBIS, Gregory J. O’Shanick, MD, and Lisa A. Kreber, PhD, CBIS.
Publication Date August 2009
Title  Conceptualizing Brain Injury As A Chronic Disease
Description The Brain Injury Association of America recognizes brain injury as the start of a lifelong disease-causitive and disease-accelerative process so that research, education, treatment,and patient management is on a par with other diseases. 
Author(s)  Brent Masel, MD 
Publication Date February 2009
Title  TBI in the US: A Call For Public/Private Cooperation
Description The Brain Injury Association of America urges greater public and private cooperation in brain injury awareness, education, treatment and research. America’s service members with TBI and the millions of children and adults who are injured in the U.S. each year deserve no less.
Author(s) Mark J. Ashley, ScD; Debra Braunling-McMorrow, PhD; Susan H. Connors; Wayne A. Gordon, PhD; and Tina M. Trudel, PhD
Publication Date April 2007
Title Cognitive Rehabilitation: The Evidence, Funding and Case for Advocacy in Brain Injury
Description The Brain Injury Association of America defines cognitive rehabilitation, provides principles for treatment, discusses research evidence for the efficacy of treatment, highlights the burden on individuals and their caregivers resulting from insurance limitations and denials of service coverage, and calls for public and private policy change.
Author(s) Douglas I. Katz, MD; Mark J. Ashley, ScD; Gregory J. O’Shanick, MD; and Susan H. Connors
Publication Date November 2006


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