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CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Sales and Marketing, and Human Resource Executives from the nation’s foremost brain injury treatment, rehabilitation, and community service providers will convene for innovative learning opportunities and dynamic exchanges on the best brain injury business practices. Do not miss this opportunity to showcase your company with the decision makers of this important market segment!

Sponsorship Packages:

Host opening night reception
Host on-site lunch
Host one break
Host one break
Speaker introduction
Speaker introduction 
Speaker introduction
Logo on carry-all bag
Logo on conference banner
Logo on conference banner
Full-page ad inside meeting handout
Half-page ad inside meeting handout
Quarter-page ad inside meeting handout
Logo and link on conference webpage
Logo and link on conference webpage
Logo on conference webpage
Logo on conference webpage
Marketing materials distributed at registration
Marketing materials distributed at registration
Marketing materials distributed at registration
Marketing materials distribution at registration
Pre-conference publicity* Pre-conference publicity* Pre-conference publicity*  Pre-conference publicity*

Additional Sponsor Options:

-Speaker introduction 
-Identification as a sponsor in the attendee list and a copy of the list
-One free registration
-Logo on conference webpage
-Pre-conference publicity*
-Located in attendee classroom area, the exhibitor package includes table, two chairs, waste basket, and tablecloth/skirting
-One free registration
-Your company's brochure/material will be displayed on break tables
-Your logo will be included on the  conference website
Your company's full page advertisement, in black/white or color, will be printed in program material
Ship 200 copies of your company's brochure, CD, or promotional item, and it will be prominently displayed in the registration area for all attendees to collect. The deadline for shipment to arrive at BIAA is January 15, 2018.

BIAA is committed to crafting sponsorships that meet your company's needs. Please contact Carrie Mosher at 703-761-0750 ext. 640 to discuss your ideas and inquiries. To purchase a sponsorship, please visit the Marketplace.

*Pre-conference publicity is conducted via print and digital marketing and BIAA's social media, email, magazine, and website promotion.

BIAA Marketing and Media Impressions:

  • Brand new, innovative website to launch late 2017
  • 1.5 million unique website visitors annually
  • More than 28,000 social media followers
  • 13,000 print subscribers to BIAA's quarterly newsmagazine, THE Challenge!
  • 1,100 downloads of THE Challenge! from BIAA's website each month
  • Past media coverage includes Good Morning America, Bloomberg, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and many more 
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