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Scott Shields - Director

Scott Shields


  • Arlington, Va.

Scott Shields is an Associate Director in Xcenda’s Washington DC-based health policy practice. He monitors legislative and regulatory health policy and analyzes the impact of policy developments on access to pharmaceuticals, biologics, and medical devices. He has 20+ years of reimbursement and policy consulting experience advising clients on the impact of healthcare reform and other health policy changes, including actions by the federal government, state governments, and commercial entities. He has depth of experience with private and public payers.

In 2001, Scott was struck by a car. He sustained massive injuries including damage to the front lobe of his brain, a severe concussion, multiple vertebral fractures along his spine, fractures throughout his body, adult respiratory distress syndrome, cardiac tamponade, and hypovolemic shock. After his recovery, Scott dedicated himself to advocating on behalf of those who suffered brain injuries and physical trauma. He co-founded the American Trauma Society’s Trauma Survivor Network, a national support service for trauma victims and their families. The Trauma Survivors Network is now operating in 160 hospitals across the country. He earned an MBA in Finance and a BA in International Relations and Pre-Medicine from American University.

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

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