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About Brain Injury


Julie M. Buxton, MS, OTR/L is an occupational therapist with 30 years of experience in the field of brain injury, specializing in pediatric brain injury for the past 28 years. She has co-authored two clinical workbooks in brain injury rehabilitation, and presented nationally and internationally. She is currently an Early Intervention Specialist for York and Adams County, Pa.

Rita Cola Carroll, Ph.D., CPCRT, CBIST has worked in the field of Cognitive Rehabilitation for over 30 years, initially in an acute rehab setting, and for the last 26 years as President of Main Line Rehabilitation Associates. At Main Line she has been responsible for clinical program development for community based services, the development of supports and training for staff, and the coordination of individualized, evidence based rehabilitation services for individuals with brain injuries or other neurological diagnoses.

Todd J. Levy, MS, OTR/L, CBIST is a senior occupational therapist at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where his efforts include direct clinical care, program development, training, and research. Mr. Levy’s interests include pediatric stroke and traumatic brain injuries, including post concussion syndrome. Mr. Levy has worked with children with brain injury and their caregivers from the acute care and inpatient rehabilitation settings, to outpatient and school settings.

Drew Nagele, PsyD., CBIST is a neuropsychologist by training and has over 30 years experience in working with people who have neurological disorders. Dr. Nagele's work has been in the area of brain injury rehabilitation, developing and running programs to help people get back to school, back to work, or back to other productive daily activities after sustaining any kind of incident that affects the brain.

Cindy Pahr, M.Ed. has 30 years of experience working in special education. She is the Brain Injury Services Coordinator for San Diego Unified School District, and educational consultant and founder of EduCLIME, LLC. Cindy conducts training and consultation on brain injury strategies for school staff and families and teaches children recovering from brain injuries. Her emphasis is on recovery and adapting to changes post-injury.

Eric Spier, MD, BIM, CBIS serves as medical director for the Mentis Neuro Rehabilitation El Paso program. In addition to his duties overseeing patient treatment for Mentis, Dr. Spier serves as medical director for acquired brain injury at Highlands Regional Rehabilitation Hospital and runs a private practice. 

mTBI/Concussion Videos Directed, Produced, and Edited by

Samuel Hall

Todd J. Levy

Director of Photography

Brandon Royal


Parent played by Christine Callsen

Teacher played by Andrew Keller

Student played by Georgia Mae Lively


Paul Folkert

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Since my son had a brain injury, I've worried about him every day. Will he get the support and help he needs to succeed in school? Will he go to college and have a rewarding career? Will he be able to live a long and happy life?

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) has helped people like me and my son for decades, and I want the organization to be here for other families for decades to come. Your donation will help ensure that BIAA has the resources necessary to continue as the voice of brain injury, fighting on behalf of every member of the brain injury community.

- Molly Owens, mother of 10-year-old Daniel