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Concussion Education by TeachAids

CrashCourse provides students, parents, and coaches with the latest medical knowledge on the prevention and treatment of concussions.

One in five high school athletes will experience a concussion.

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One in five high school athletes will experience a concussion. With proper care, most concussions can heal within 10 days; if not treated properly, however, a concussion may have lasting physical, emotional, and cognitive effects.

To help bring the latest concussion education to students, parents, and coaches, the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) has formed a new partnership with TeachAids, a nonprofit leader in global education innovation and the creators of CrashCourse. TeachAids’ CrashCourse is a free, video-based interactive learning experience that aims to raise awareness of the latest science around concussions to shift the conversation away from fear and silence toward one of knowledge and empowerment. 

The base curriculum of CrashCourse is offered in both HD and Virtual Reality and includes a short interactive film. The film helps correct common myths and misconceptions and enables young people and parents to better recognize and address symptoms of a concussion. Advisors for the program include dozens of leading medical experts from across the nation.

CrashCourse Concussion Education

Watch the CrashCourse concussion education video above (12min). The full CrashCourse series includes a set of free interactive educational products.

To learn more about the CrashCourse initiative, please click here to watch a video featuring Gerald Grant, M.D., division chief of pediatric neurosurgery at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford; Steve Young, Super Bowl MVP and NFL Hall of Fame member; and David Shaw, Bradford M. Freeman Director of Football at Stanford University.

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