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51 yr survivor of TBI

November 29, 2022 Tina Stonehocker
Hello all, so my story starts when I was 5 yrs old my Dad was out working on the family car & the front of the car was in the air on Jack’s, I didn’t see his feet so I thought that I could put my head between the tire and fender & see him, well my head got stuck & the tire was up against my throat & I was trying to call him and he thought that one of us was hurt out in the back of our property so he got out from under the car and didn’t see me because I was on the other side of the car & then the car started to roll backwards and it picked me up off my feet and spun me to the ground it ran over my head and crushed it and realigned it, so one side of my face sits higher then the other, I have had a very long hard and trying life because I was never taken to a doctor or hospital I was just told that if I wouldn’t have been there then that wouldn’t have happened as my parents cleaned the blood off of me and wrapped my head in whole life I have tried to tell people about my TBI but they just said I was just I have tried to do my best and get through life one step & day at a time for the last 51 years. Then I was watching the WWE Bellas ( Nikki & Brie) show & it was about their Mom Kathy & what she was going threw at the time with her surgery and it’s how I found out about BIA and got ahold of them & that’s how I found out that I wasn’t stupid but that I have had a TBI for the past 51yrs which has mad me feel so happy that I have an explanation of what I have been going through & that they have listened to me for the first time in my life..I want to Thank you all & hang in there lots of Love..Tina

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