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My Warrior Story

January 14, 2019 Victoria Palmman

On February 2nd, 2018, I was viciously assaulted at my place of employment by one of the clients I was caring for. Before being attacked by the client I called for back-up and demanded help. I was reprimanded for calling for back up and was told, “You can handle him yourself. Do not call the cops.” Due to this assault I received a Traumatic Brain Injury, Whiplash, and a Neck Sprain. I am now dealing with Post-Concussion Syndrome, daily neck pain, PTSD, and several other symptoms. Labor and Industries have been fighting my claim. They say a prior condition (anxiety) is what happened. I got punched, kneed, and kicked in the head. I had 7 violent blows (at least) to the head so anxiety is not to blame. Labor and Industries has closed my claim and I am appealing their decision. Because of the closure of the claim I was forced back to work. Due to working before ready I have developed tremors which are now a daily occurrence due to over-stimulation and overexertion of the head. I am symptomatic 24/7. I have numerous Post Trauma Vision Problems, Over-stimulation, Head Overexertion, Tremors, Nausea, vomiting, fatigue, constant head pain and head pressure. These are just a few of the debilitating symptoms I face every day. During work it’s very common to spend a good part of shift vomiting because of the extreme over-stimulation of the head and the inability to be able to handle working. I must make ends meet financially. I am determined to conquer this TBI. I want to get better, so I can continue my education. My injury put a hold on my life and dreams. Adapting has been a huge challenge, but I’m pushing through. The brain is slow to healing and takes time and patience. I miss being able to do everything I wanted with ease. Nothing is simple anymore and that is something I took for granted prior to my injury. Focus on the present, healing, and take the time that you need to heal. Know that with time, healing will follow. Take it one day at a time.

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