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Bradford, Trey

Trey Bradford


I am a 52 year old male. I sustained my brain injury when I was age 25. After the injury, I volunteered & provided support & Q & A for patients/relatives at Siskin Hospital in Chattanooga TN in 1990’s. I was a classroom instructor at trucking company USXpress’ corporate HQ in Chattanooga for over 7 yrs. I spoke with accident survivors & counselled them on future coping challenges as well as future ways to avoid accidents.  I have worked as a classroom instructor & nationwide recruiter/safety advocate for JB Hunt (nation’s largest trucking company). Focused on safety & accident prevention as well as post-accident challenges. Fantastic at fielding ANY questions from massive audiences. 

Great sense of humor & patience as well as compassion. Again, I can answer questions concerning ANY challenges faced by TBI or Spinal Cord Injury survivors. Have laptop and complete ability to create and give powerpoint presentations. I have many “outlined” presentations already.

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