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Denton, Gail

Gail Denton, PhD


“Brainlash: Maximize Your Recovery from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury”, now in it’s 3rd edition, has been assisting MTBI sufferers for over 25 years. I wrote this book as a result of first seeking help for my own MTBI, then recording the journey of discovery by piecing together therapies and techniques available for recovery.

Speaking about MTBI with sufferers, family members, allied medical professionals and attorneys brings those available therapies and techniques into focus. In addition, sharing those experiences brings clarity, determination, and energy to the task at hand for all concerned. The more you know about the path forward, the more effective you can be: as the injured person, the family member, the health professional and the legal professional. My qualifications as a survivor, author, therapist and articulate professional bring a well-rounded approach to your meeting.

My presentations are suited to BIA conferences at the state and local level, health care and legal professional conferences and meetings, as well as keynote presentations. Breakout sessions for more concentrated exchanges and experiential education are also available.

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