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2018 DFW Bowling for Brain Injury Frequently Asked Questions

November 15, 2018

Bowling for Brain Injury is the Brain Injury Association’s signature fundraising event. As we transition the Walk for Brain Injury back to March (Brain Injury Awareness Month), the 2018 DFW Bowling for Brain Injury serves as a great opportunity for the Dallas community to come together and have a fun afternoon.

  1. Are there any sponsorship opportunities?
    Yes! You may view the Sponsorship Guide here or visit BIAA’s Online Marketplace and select a sponsorship level for your organization.

  2. I’d like to register a team; am I limited to the number of bowlers allowed on one lane? 
    No. If you are registering a team for an entire organization (Team ABC Hospital), it’s likely there will be many more participants than will be able to bowl on one lane. If there are more than five (5) bowlers on a team, BIAA staff will contact you ahead of the event to coordinate the number of lanes and which bowlers would like to be on which lane. 

  3. Is the fundraising website (DonorPages) the same one we use for the Walk for Brain Injury?
    Yes – it is exactly the same. If you have any logistical questions or run into trouble registering or setting up a team, please send staff an email describing the problem.

  4. I’ve noticed others raising money on Facebook. Is that an option for the 2018 DFW Bowling for Brain Injury?
    Absolutely! Facebook Fundraisers are a really easy option for you to increase awareness and raise funds for the Brain Injury Association of America. We created a video detailing the process of hosting a Facebook Fundraiser you can watch here. Be sure to mention DFW Bowling in the title of your fundraiser.

  5. What do I need to know about the event on Sunday?
    Bowling for Brain Injury is a fun event that serves as an excellent opportunity for the brain injury community to come together. We will open the check-in desk at 11:30 AM, comments will begin around 12 PM (Noon), and bowling commences shortly thereafter (Noon – 2 PM). Bowlers are provided lunch (pizza and soda) as well as a 2018 Bowling for Brain Injury T-Shirt!

  6. Is the DFW Bowling for Brain Injury Family Friendly?
    Absolutely. Everyone is invited to join us and participate, including kids of all ages!


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