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GODSPEED: The Story of Page Jones Available for Download

November 3, 2017

GODSPEED: The Story of Page Jones, was released today on iTunes, Amazon, XBOX, and Google Play for digital download. 

The film takes viewers into the racing dynasty of Parnelli and Page Jones and chronicles the 21 years since one fateful race in which Page suffered a life-changing traumatic brain injury (TBI). GODSPEED chronicles the Jones family’s commitment to Page’s recovery. In devoting themselves to Page’s rehabilitation, the family redefines victory and their own legacy. Page is living proof that with support, quality lives are within reach. The film also shows that access to long-term rehabilitation is critical, and requires a community of devoted individuals – family, friends, and professional medical clinicians – all working towards recovery. The film was written and directed by Luann Barry and produced by Mary Leonard. Jay Leno and Bruce Meyer are the executive producers.

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