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Qualifications & Benefits

ACBIS​ Alliance

To qualify as an ACBIS Alliance Member, an organization must have a minimum of 20% of its staff who are eligible for certification (not all staff) certified as CBIS or CBIST in any given application year at a selected building, facility, or total organization level. The eligibility criteria for CBIS and CBIST can be found here.

If the 20% minimum certified level of eligible staff level is achieved for successive application years from the initial approved award date, the facility or organization is eligible for continuing recognition as follows:

  • Silver Level (1st year)
  • Gold Level: (2nd year)
  • Platinum Level: (3rd and successive years)

If consecutive eligibility is not achieved, the organization may apply the following year at the Silver award level.


  • Acknowledgment letter to CEO
  • Plaque to display (e.g., in the organization’s home office or main facility lobby)
  • Permission to use the Alliance Member designation (if active for that year) in the company’s or facility’s marketing, promotion materials and website
  • Listing on the ACBIS website as an Alliance Member
  • Membership communicates to both internal staff and external partners that the organization is committed to excellence in care through the training and certification process

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​An ACBIS professional services representative is happy to assist you with questions related to obtaining your certification, taking the exam, renewals, and more!

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