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Fundamentals Certificate

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The all-new training and certificate program for non-licensed direct care staff and individual caregivers.

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Developed by experienced clinicians and rehabilitation professionals, Brain Injury Fundamentals is an all-new training and certificate program designed to address the unique needs and challenges of those who care for or encounter individuals with brain injury. This includes non-licensed direct care staff persons, facility staff, family members and friends, first responders, and others in the community. The mandatory training course covers essential topics such as: 

  • Cognition
  • Guidelines for interacting and building rapport
  • Brain injury and behavior
  • Medical complications
  • Safe medication management
  • Families coping with brain injury

The course is grounded in adult learning principles, maximizing participant engagement and application through an interactive workbook. Using real-life scenarios to anchor the course concepts, participants learn about the challenges people face following brain injury and the types of support they need. This essential program will help candidates understand different types of behavior, manage medication safely, and provide support to families and friends.

After completing intensive training, candidates will receive a certificate that is valid for three years. To learn more about the application process,  click here.


Training is required in order to receive the Brain Injury Fundamentals certificate. We are currently seeking training instructors and will begin to announce trainings in the coming weeks. We anticipate that trainings will take approximately 7 to 12 hours, but this will depend on the individual instructor and training style. If you would like to become a Brain Injury Fundamentals Instructor, click here to learn more about the process. To become an instructor, you must be (1) a current Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer or (2) a current Certified Brain Injury Specialist who has held CBIS certification for three or more years.

Official training will be provided by approved Brain Injury Fundamentals instructors and may be offered at specific Brain Injury Association state affiliate conferences and events and through many service providers across the country. Contact the ACBIS office with questions about training or sign up here to be notified when trainings become available.  

Costs & Fees

Fundamentals Application (including Practical Training Workbook): $125 plus shipping*

Training fees vary by instructor.

*Fundamentals Application fees are non-refundable. 


For more information and frequently asked questions, please click here.

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Pilot International Brain Injury Fundamentals Scholarship

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Since my son had a brain injury, I've worried about him every day. Will he get the support and help he needs to succeed in school? Will he go to college and have a rewarding career? Will he be able to live a long and happy life?

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) has helped people like me and my son for decades, and I want the organization to be here for other families for decades to come. Your donation will help ensure that BIAA has the resources necessary to continue as the voice of brain injury, fighting on behalf of every member of the brain injury community.

- Molly Owens, mother of 10-year-old Daniel