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Fundamentals Certificate

Application & Quiz Process

The all-new training and certificate program for non-licensed direct care staff and individual caregivers.

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To obtain the Brain Injury Fundamentals Certificate, candidates must submit an application, attend a mandatory Fundamentals training, and pass the post-training online quiz. 

ACBIS maintains all applications for one year beginning on the date of submission. After one year, applications expire and applicants who have not completed the process (application submission and successfully completing the quiz) will be required to reapply to further pursue the certificate.

Please note that the application forms require use of Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. You must also ensure that all Pop-Up Blockers are disabled. 

Step One

Training is mandatory in order to receive the certificate. Candidates must register for an official course with a Brain Injury Fundamentals Instructor. Once a course is coordinated, the instructor must officially register the course with ACBIS by submitting the Fundamentals Training Registration Form to We recommend submitting this form at least three weeks prior to scheduled training.  

If you would like to apply to take the course, sign up here to be notified about course availability or email us for more information.   

Step Two

Before submitting the Brain Injury Fundamentals Application Form, applicants will need to pay an application fee. Applications cannot be processed until payment has been confirmed. 

Payments should be received by BIAA at least two weeks in advance of the training to ensure workbooks will arrive in time for training. Please note: Orders received by 3 p.m. EST Thursday will ship on Friday. Payments made past that time will ship out the following Friday.  

If you wish to make your payment via check, please include this accompanying form. Remember to make note of your check number as you will need to enter it in the designated field on the  Brain Injury Fundamentals Application Form (see step three for details).

Credit card payments may be made in BIAA's Marketplace through this link. Please remember to include the BIAA Marketplace confirmation number in the designated field on the Brain Injury Fundamentals Application Form (see step three for details). 

Step Three

Complete the Brain Injury Fundamentals Application. Once all required fields have been verified, submit the application form. A confirmation email will be delivered to your inbox. 

Step Four

Upon approval of the application form, a confirmation email with quiz instructions will be delivered to the applicant's inbox. Applicants must then submit a Fundamentals Quiz Generation Card to and receive approval in order to take the quiz. Please submit your Fundamentals Quiz Generation Card at least 24 hours in advance of the preferred date & time. Requests are typically processed within one business day. 

Please note that instructors may submit a Fundamentals Quiz Generation Card on behalf of attendees if a quiz session is held immediately after the Brain Injury Fundamentals course. For larger classes, please email us to reserve the quiz session in advance. 

Step Five

During your approved scheduled time, complete and submit the Brain Injury Fundamentals Quiz (details below). Once you pass the quiz, you will receive your certificate via email. Candidates who do not pass the quiz may schedule retakes of the quiz (refer to step four).  

Certificate Quiz

The quiz can only be taken after all forms and fees have been submitted and processed and an approval email has been received by the applicant.

  • The quiz is administered online.
  • The quiz is open-book and open-notes. 
  • There are 34 multiple choice questions and two short answer questions.
  • Candidates must score 80% or higher on the quiz in order to receive the certificate.

Notification of Quiz Score: Candidates will receive immediate notification via email of their quiz score upon submission. Information about individual candidates and quiz results will not be released to any party other than candidates. Candidates' scores are not released to anyone, including the candidate, by telephone. 

Retakes: Candidates who do not pass the quiz on the first administration may retake the quiz with unlimited attempts within one year of the initial application date at no additional charge.


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