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ACBIS Examination Proctor Information

Welcome! This page contains important information regarding accessing the examination(s) for the applicant(s) for whom you are serving as an examination proctor.

Please familiarize yourself with this process prior to the test date:

  • Proctor Agreements: Please click here to review the proctor agreements that you have agreed to upon registration. 
  • Pre-approval: Each applicant sitting for the examination must receive a confirmation email stating that their application has been approved before proceeding with testing.
  • Examination Scheduling: The test should ideally be administered a few weeks after the training has been completed and/or sufficient time for self-study has been allowed. Schedule a 2-hour window during which candidates can complete the examination as that is the maximum time they have to complete it (unless accommodations are requested under the ADA).
  • Group Status Report: Use the Group Status Report at any time to determine the exam status of your group applicants. You will need your Group Administrator Credentials and Group ID to populate information in this report.

Important Testing Information & Guidelines

  • The exam is administered online and should be taken in a quiet room with no distractions. Cell phones must be shut off, items brought into the room placed under the chair and outside papers, books, and notes are not allowed at the testing area.  
  • No assistance of any kind may be given or used. Cheating is not allowed. Cheating can include speaking to another during the testing process, reading papers or looking at another person’s screen or leaving the testing screen while taking the test. Cheating will disqualify from certification. If cheating is observed, the candidate will be asked to leave the room. 
  • Each applicant has exactly two hours to complete the examination (unless accommodations have been requested under the ADA and approved) and the proctor must be present during the entirety of the examination.
  • There are 70 multiple choice questions. All of the questions are equal in value. Each question has five answer choices. There is only one correct answer for each question. 
  • This test is proprietary and belongs to the Brain Injury Association of America. After the test, applicants cannot share or write down questions. The proctor must verify the candidate submitted the exam before being allowed to leave the room. Upon completion of the test, the candidate must shut down the testing screen. 
  • The exam link should be provided to the applicant only immediately prior to the examination.
  • Candidates must score 80% or higher on the examination in order to pass and receive certification. 
  • The online examination requires use of the applicant’s user ID, password and registration number, as well as the electronic copy of the approved Exam Generation Card provided by the proctor. These items should be maintained near the computer at which the examinee is seated. Once submitted, the examination cannot be accessed again. 
  • You can find a FAQ document here that may be helpful to you with the electronic test. You will want to familiarize yourself with this and also print it to have on hand when applicants are testing.

Scheduling Process

The following instructions explain the process for testing after each applicant has submitted an application and it has been approved. If the application has not been approved, you will not be able to complete the process below. 

1. Examination Generation / Scheduling

Prior to the examination, the proctor must submit and receive ACBIS approval for an Exam Generation Card for each applicant. Exam requests are time sensitive and must be submitted at least one business day prior to the preferred testing date & time. 

2. Examination Day Requirements

The Proctor(s) must provide:

An electronic copy of the approved Exam Generation Card email, which includes the following information:

  • Approved Date
  • Approved Time
  • Exam Link (each link is unique to each applicant)

The Examinee(s) will need the following information (which can be found in their ACBIS Account Confirmation Email):

  • User ID
  • Password
  • Registration Number
The examinee’s account information can be recovered through the ACBIS Account Credentials Recovery Form. 

3. Results Notification

Candidates will receive immediate notification via email of their exam score upon completing the online examination. Upon passing the examination, a certificate will be sent to the candidate’s primary email address that was provided with the initial application. For those who do not pass, further information on the examination can be found below. 

Information on ACBIS Examination Reschedules

For reschedules, the proctor will need to email the ACBIS Coordinator at with the examinee’s name and new preferred testing date & time. The second choice on the Exam Generation Card is not automatically scheduled.  

Information on ACBIS Examination Retakes

Candidates who do not pass the examination on the first administration may take one retest within one year of the initial application date at no additional charge. For the retake (second attempt), the proctor will only need to regenerate an Exam Generation Card with a new available testing date/time.

Candidates who do not pass the examination after two attempts must contact the ACBIS Coordinator in order to reapply if they intend to continue the pursuit of ACBIS certification.

If you need assistance with this process, please contact the ACBIS Coordinator at 703-761-0750 x631 or


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