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Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer (CBIST)


Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainers (CBISTs) are approved to provide official ACBIS training to CBIS candidates. CBISTs demonstrate advanced skills in the field of brain injury and maintain their skills through continuing education.

The exam can only be taken after the applicant has been deemed eligible for the certification. All forms and fees must have been submitted and an approval email has been received by the applicant. 

Applicants will need to identify a qualified proctor for their examination. The ACBIS Proctor must ensure that no conflict of interest exists with the examinees including but not limited to: personal friendship, family relation, and/or in a position of subordination to examinee. An acceptable proctor is a current CBIS, CBIST, supervisor or professional colleague in the brain injury field. If you are unable to identify a brain injury professional, then you may use a testing center, librarian, or university proctoring service.

Please note that the certification fee does not include any expenses associated with proctoring an individually-administered exam. There is no cost for proctor registration, but an applicant will be responsible for any costs related to hiring an outside proctor.

Testing Guidelines:

  • The exam is administered online and must be monitored by an approved proctor. The exam should be taken in a quiet room with no distractions. Cell phones must be shut off, items brought into the room placed under the chair and outside papers, books, and notes are not allowed at the testing area.  
  • No assistance of any kind may be given or used. Cheating is not allowed. Cheating can include speaking to another during the testing process, reading papers or looking at another person’s screen or leaving the testing screen while taking the test. Cheating will disqualify from certification. If cheating is observed, the candidate will be asked to leave the room. 
  • This test is proprietary and belongs to the Brain Injury Association of America. During or after the test, applicants cannot share or write down questions. The proctor must verify the candidate submitted the exam before being allowed to leave the room. Upon completion of the test, the candidate must shut down the testing screen. 
  • The exam link is provided to the proctor once the examination has been officially scheduled with ACBIS. The exam link should be provided to the applicant only immediately prior to the examination.
  • Each applicant has exactly two hours to complete the examination (unless accommodations have been requested under the ADA and approved) and the proctor must be present during the entirety of the examination.
  • There are 70 multiple choice questions. All of the questions are equal in value. Each question has five answer choices. There is only one correct answer for each question. 
  • Candidates must score 80% or higher on the examination in order to pass and receive certification. 
  • The online examination requires use of the applicant’s user ID, password and registration number, as well as the electronic copy of the approved Exam Generation Card provided by the proctor. These items should be maintained near the computer at which the examinee is seated. Once submitted, the examination cannot be accessed again. 

Notification of Exam Score: Candidates will receive immediate notification via email of their exam score upon completing the online examination. Information about individual candidates and examination results will not be released to any party other than candidates or group administrators. Candidates’ scores are not released to anyone, including the candidate, by telephone.

Retakes: Candidates who do not pass the examination on the first administration may take one retest within one year of the initial application date at no additional charge. An applicant who does not pass after two attempts is welcome to reapply when ready.

Suggested Resources

The examination is based on current knowledge of theory and practice in brain injury care. The resources recommended in the ACBIS Study Reference List, although not comprehensive, may be useful to review in preparing for the examination. You are encouraged to use a variety of sources as part of any study program.

Click here to review the ACBIS Examination Study Guide. It should be used in conjunction with the Essential Brain Injury Guide, Edition 5.0 Revised (EBIG), which can be purchased on our website here

ADA Accommodations for ACBIS Examination

ACBIS provides reasonable testing accommodations, guided by the Americans with Disabilities Act, to certification candidates with documented disabilities. Candidates should review the information and complete the Request for Accommodations form (below) to be considered for accommodations.

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