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Certified Brain Injury Specialist

Application Process

Applications are maintained for one year, beginning on the date of application. After one year, applications expire and applicants who have not completed the process (application approval, testing, and retesting if necessary) will be required to reapply in order to further pursue certification. 

Please note that the application forms require use of Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. You must also ensure that all Pop-Up Blockers are disabled.

Step One

Complete and submit a User Account Setup Form. A confirmation email with important information regarding your next steps will be delivered to your inbox.

Step Two

Upon receipt of the User Account Setup Confirmation Email, please complete the online CBIS Application Form provided. Click here for instructions on how to complete the application. You will need to attach your resume/CV in Word or PDF format.

Along with the CBIS Application Form, you will need to pay your application fee. Applications cannot be processed until payment has been confirmed.

  • If you wish to make your payment via check, please include this accompanying form and remember to include your check number in the designated field on the CBIS Application Form.
  • Credit card payments may be made in BIAA’s Marketplace by clicking here. Please remember to include the BIAA Marketplace confirmation number in the designated field on the CBIS Application Form.

Step Three

Upon submission of the CBIS Application Form, an Employment Verification Form will be sent to your listed employer for completion. Your supervisor will be asked to attest for your employment and experience in the field of brain injury.  

Please note that self verification is not allowed. In a position of self-employment, an applicants eligibility must be verified by a professional colleague or supervising board member. 

Step Four

Once your complete application (form, payment, and employment verification) is received, your file will go up for review – after which, if approved, you must identify an acceptable proctor and have your proctor schedule your examination.  

Step Five

The certification will be issued upon passing the examination. 

Instructions to Transition from CBIS to CBIST Certification 

The process described below is intended for those who are transitioning from CBIS to CBIST certification. Please ensure that you have met the requirements to transition. If you are unsure if you meet the requirements or would like to do a “pre-approval”, you are welcome to complete and return this questionnaire along with a copy of your resume/CV to This helps both CBIST applicants and ACBIS determine eligibility prior to submitting a full application and payment.   

Current CBIS certificants who wish to transition to CBIST would need to follow the entire application process as described on this section of the ACBIS website. You would need to complete and submit everything, as described, with the exception of taking the examination.

You will need to use your existing CBIS credentials to complete and submit the electronic CBIST application. Please email us for further information and access to the application.

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​Speak to a Professional Services Representative

​An ACBIS professional services representative is happy to assist you with questions related to obtaining your certification, taking the exam, renewals, and more!

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