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Group Application Process

Group Administrator Guide

Responsible for arranging training programs, tracking and coordinating the application process, coordinating proctors for examinations, Group Administrators are the conduit between group members and BIAA staff.

Important Notice

From April 17 to May 2, you will not be able to submit a new application. Complete applications (including resume, employment verification, and payment) must be submitted by April 16.

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Step One: Group Administrator Application

As a Group Administrator, you must first complete the Group Administrator/Proctor Account Set-Up Form. Please be certain you completely fill out the form before pressing Submit. You will receive an email confirming receipt once submitted. After ACBIS staff has had an opportunity to review and approve your application, you will receive another email detailing your acceptance as a Group Administrator.

Step Two: Certificant Application

Direct each applicant to complete and submit a User Account Set-Up Form. Note: Many Group Administrators prefer to maintain control of the application process for their group and, therefore, choose to fill these forms out themselves. You will not be able to register the individual until their specific form has been received by ACBIS staff.

Step Three: Group Registration Form

The Group Administrator must complete and submit the Group Registration Form. If you do not have your Group Administrator Credentials, use the Retrieve Your Info feature on the Registration Form. Completion of this form will allow the electronic applications to be sent to either the individual applicants or to you for completion. (Please note that if you complete the applications, you must retain a paper copy with a signature for each applicant).

  • You will need the registration number for each applicant that was provided when they completed the User Account Setup Form
  • Enter each registration number and then Populate to fill out each group member’s information

Once submitted, the Group Administrator will receive a confirmation email.

Step Four: Application Form

As described above, either you (the Group Administrator) or each applicant will need to complete and electronically submit the CBIS Application Form through the link that was provided in the confirmation email. Items that will be needed in order to complete this application:

  • Each applicant will need to attach an electronic version of their resume to the application in the allotted area.
  • If a group payment was made on behalf of the applicants by your organization, they will need to be provided with either the check number or, if paid by credit card, the BIAA Marketplace Confirmation number.
  • If each applicant is responsible for making a personal payment, they will need to provide their check number or, if paid by credit card, the BIAA Marketplace Confirmation number.

Step Five: Testing & Certification Process

Please have the proctor refer to the email that was sent to them after completion of the Group Administrator/Proctor Account Set-Up Application. This email provides information that details the next steps of the testing process.

Upon passing the examination, certificants will receive their certificates via email to the email address they provided on the initial application. Those who did not pass will receive their score via email to the email address provided on the initial application.

Testing Note on Retakes: Candidates who do not pass the examination on the first administration may take one retest within one year of the initial application date at no additional charge. An applicant who does not pass after two attempts is welcome to reapply when they are ready. The details for coordinating retakes is described to the Group Administrator/Proctor in the email that Please note sent after completion of the Group Administrator/Proctor Account Setup Application.

Step Six: Certification Information Form

Please inform applicants that they may update their contact information (i.e., email addresses) using the ACBIS Certification Information Form, especially if you, the administrator, submitted applications on their behalf. The Certification Information Form cannot be completed until applicants have passed the examination and are certified.

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