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Screening and Brief Intervention for Substance Misuse among Patients with TBI

Categories: Substance Abuse

The Question

Are brief interventions useful for preventing alcohol and drug abuse after traumatic brain injury (TBI)?

Past studies

Research has shown that people who receive screening for alcohol abuse followed by brief intervention (SBI) consume less alcohol and have fewer health problems.

This study

The research literature was reviewed to find out if the studies of SBI in hospital settings included persons with TBI. The review showed that people with severe TBI were not included in the studies. The primary reason for exclusion was that people with problems with thinking and memory could not provide consent to be in the studies.

Bottom line

Future studies are needed to find out if methods for providing SBI need to be adapted to increase benefit to persons with TBI. Accommodations for problems with attention, memory and thinking will likely be needed. Booster sessions may also be required. 

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Corrigan J.D., Bogner J., Hungerford D.W., Schomer K. (2010). Screening and brief intervention for substance misuse among patients with traumatic brain injury. J Trauma, 69(3), 722-6.

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