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All Panelists
Godwin, Emilie

Emilie Godwin


  • Affiliation: Virginia Commonwealth University

Emilie Godwin, Ph.D., LPC, MFT is an Assistant Professor and the Director of Psychotherapy and Family Services in the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Division of Neuropsychology. Additionally, she serves as the Project Coordinator for the VCU Traumatic Brain Injury Model System’s local project, the Therapeutic Couples’ Intervention (TCI) – a couples’ therapy intervention designed to improve post-injury relationship satisfaction – and as an interventionist for the TBIMS Resilience and Adjustment Intervention (RAI) for survivors of TBI.


Within the last 24 months, have you rendered, or in the next two years, will you render clinical services or support services (whether diagnostic, therapeutic, educational, case management, or similar) to persons with TBI or their family members and caregivers, as an independent professional or employee of a for-profit or not-for-profit organization?: Assistant Professor – Virginia Commonwealth University; Clinical Services – 30% of work week hours / 95% of clinical patients have TBI related concerns.

Within the past 24 months, I or one of my “immediate family members” received personal compensation for the following: Brain Injury Family Intervention Training Workshops: [Sponsoring organizations over past 24 months – Gaylord Rehabilitation Hospital; Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital; Brain Injury Services); Conference Speaker: [Hosting organizations over past 24 months – Nebraska Brain Injury Association; North American Brain Injury Society);[All organizations reported under” travel funding”; e.g. – Gaylord Rehabilitation Hospital; Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital; Brain Injury Services; Nebraska Brain Injury Association].

Within the past 24 months and during the three-year course of the project under consideration, I or one of my immediate family members received or will receive financial or material research support or compensation from the following: Employment at VCU / Asst. Professor = 70% grant funded; National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems grant – Grant # H133A120031; 2.5 million dollar grant over 5 yrs

In the past 24 months and during the three-year course of the project, I have or will: Hybrid Witness in personal injury litigation (e.g. Treating Provider / Expert Witness) ; Retained approximately 5 – 7 x per yr; Testify on behalf of patients with TBI in the context of accident related litigation re: psychological / emotional / relational / behavioral challenges secondary to TBI.

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