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All Panelists
Natasha Huffine

Natasha Huffine


  • Affiliation: Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center

Natasha Huffine works with the brain injury population as an occupational therapist. She specializes in cognitive perceptual motor retraining, vision therapy, and driver’s rehabilitation.


Within the last 24 months, have you rendered, or in the next two years, will you render clinical services or support services (whether diagnostic, therapeutic, educational, case management, or similar) to persons with TBI or their family members and caregivers, as an independent professional or employee of a for-profit or not-for-profit organization?: Occupational Therapist employed at Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center fulltime (40hrs/week). Expectation of therapy hours are set at 33 per week, but this fluctuates. No compnesation increases are expected.

Within the past 24 months, I or one of my “immediate family members” received personal compensation for the following: CARF survey and training travel compensation/reimbursement; Therapy services for persons with traumatic brain injuries as an occupational therapist at Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center

In the past 24 months and during the three-year course of the project, I have or will: Possible that I will need to provide depositions to support the need for TBI services, including therapy and/or equipment and compensations

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