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#ChangeYourMind Social Media Samples

Categories: Public Awareness

Social media is perhaps the easiest and most efficient way to connect with your community and raise awareness for the #ChangeYourMind campaign. Below you will find a variety of sample messages for your use. Remember – it’s best to post two messages per week and include a photograph if possible.  

Social Media Sample #1

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Help raise awareness about brain injury by spreading the word in your community. Send a letter to the editor, post awareness flyers, and ask your local or state representatives to recognize March as Brain Injury Awareness Month. Share this message to join the #ChangeYourMind campaign! [link to #ChangeYourMind campaign] 

Social Media Sample #2

More than 5.3 million Americans are living with brain injury-related disabilities at a cost of more than $76 billion annually. Help us spread the word. Join the #ChangeYourMind campaign during Brain Injury Awareness Month. [link to #ChangeYourMind campaign] 

Social Media Sample #3

Research, treatment, and support speed recovery for the 5.3 million Americans who sustain brain injuries each year. The Brain Injury Association of [State] is here to assist individuals and families who experience the life-changing, sometimes devastating, effects of brain injury. Call 1-800-444-6443 to speak with a compassionate, knowledgeable brain injury expert who can assist you in locating supports and services critical to recovery. March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. [link to #ChangeYourMind campaign]

Social Media Sample #4

5.3 million people living with brain injuries want the same things we all want: a good job, someone to love, a nice home, and fun in their lives. They want to be defined by who they are as people, not by their injuries. You can help – March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Join the #ChangeYourMind campaign and help us spread the word by liking and sharing this message. [link to #ChangeYourMind campaign]


Stay connected with the brain injury community!

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