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BIAA Launches Miles in May, a Campaign in Support of National Stroke Awareness Month

May 5, 2022

Miles In May Do More BIAA

Fairfax, Va. –  Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) announced today the launch of Miles in May, a National Stroke Awareness Month effort in support of their Do More for Brain Injury fundraising campaign. Brain injury community members and advocates are invited to pledge their support to acquired brain injury (ABI) efforts through this fundraising campaign.

The Miles in May initiative was created to raise awareness, share survivor stories, and support brain injury research. By signing up as a fundraiser, campaign supporters are encouraged to dedicate time running, walking, biking, swimming, or moving in any way during National Stroke Awareness Month. Physical exercise is a key preventative strategy against stroke.

“We’re excited to introduce a healthy way to get involved with our Do More for Brain Injury campaign,” said Robbie Baker, BIAA vice president and chief development officer. “This effort allows fundraisers to choose a physical goal and have their friends and family cheer them on along the way by donating to a cause the fundraiser is passionate about.”

When fundraisers sign up for Do More, they can post to social media and tag their content with #StrokeMonth and #MilesInMay. BIAA asks that they set meaningful movement goals. Examples include:

  • 40 miles in the month: Every 40 seconds someone in the United States has a stroke
  • 3.5 miles per week: Every 3.5 minutes someone dies of a stroke
  • 90 minutes of a physical activity per week: Recommended amount of exercise per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Do More for Brain Injury

The Do More for Brain Injury campaign is BIAA’s signature fundraising effort. It’s an opportunity for anyone and everyone to set up their own personal fundraisers for research, education, advocacy, and services. With Do More, individuals are empowered to create fundraising goals and go out into their communities to raise awareness and seek donations.

Do More fundraisers power BIAA’s programs and services across the board. These include:

  1. The National Brain Injury Information Center (NBIIC), which supports families and individuals seeking help
  2. The Brain Injury Research Fund, which funds scientists seeking cures for brain injury
  3. Nationwide advocacy efforts for the brain injury community
  4. The Brain Injury Fundamentals Training & Certificate Program, which helps caregivers learn to better serve the needs of their loved ones
  5. And so much more…

Stroke Basics

Stroke is a leading cause of death for Americans and can affect anyone, but rates vary greatly by race and age. A stroke occurs when a brain blood vessel bursts or when something blocks blood supply to a part of the brain. This event can permanently damage the brain, causing long-term disability or sometimes death. Strokes fall into the category of non-traumatic brain injury, often called acquired brain injury, in which the brain is damaged by internal factors. Other examples include drowning and aneurysm. This is contrasted with so-called traumatic brain injury (TBI) in which an external force acts upon the brain, such as concussion and sports injuries.

For more information, visit or contact Maya S. Horowitz at or (703) 761-0750 ext. 630.



About the Brain Injury Association of America:

The Brain Injury Association of America is the country’s oldest and largest nationwide brain injury advocacy organization. Our mission is to advance awareness, research, treatment, and education and to improve the quality of life for all people affected by brain injury. We are dedicated to increasing access to quality health care and raising awareness and understanding of brain injury.


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