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BIAA to People Magazine: Arizona Coma Pregnanacy Preventabe, Discouraging

January 11, 2019

BIAA to People Magazine: Arizona Coma Pregnanacy Preventabe, Discouraging

After more than 14 years in a vegetative state, a 29-year-old woman surprised everyone by giving birth in Pheonix's Hacienda HealthCare last month. She had been a resident of Hacienda for approximately ten years.

The woman's family is outraged, according to reports, and authorities acted swiftly to begin an investigation into the sexual assault. 

BIAA Board Member Dr. Mark Ashley spoke to People Magazine reporter Jeff Truesdell on the topic yeseterday, stating that this was a preventable pregnancy and that the patient was taken advantage of while under the care of Hacienda. 

Dr. Ashley added, "It’s a disappointment without a doubt that better measures were not in place to make this much less likely, if not impossible.”

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