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Your support is critical to BIAA’s mission. As we explore a brighter future, every bold goal that we set is built upon the support of donors like you.

Extend BIAA’s reach

When it comes to recovery after brain injury, getting the right information at the right time is critical. The speed at which patients and their families can make well-informed medical decisions is directly related to the quality of their recovery. BIAA must expand services to reach more people, in more places, and in more ways.

Expand specialized training

Providing up-to-date training and education to the many professionals and family members responsible for the direct care of people living with a brain injury requires state-of-the-art curriculum, custom content, and the ability to connect in a variety of settings. BIAA must also be able to provide help to those in communities where access to a brain injury specialist is currently out of reach.

Amplify the voice of the brain injury community

BIAA advocates on behalf of millions of Americans demanding greater access to care, expanded brain injury research, adequate resources for state programs, and increased congressional awareness of brain injury issues. BIAA’s efforts have greatly influenced what resources currently exist for brain injury rehabilitation. We need your help to build on this successful history and increase resources for all living with brain injury.

Invest in new lines of research

The need to better understand brain injury, the impact it has as a chronic disease, and its role in causing other conditions has never been greater. BIAA is leading the way by investing in projects with potential for cures while encouraging the best and brightest investigators to devote their careers to brain injury research.

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Read more in our brochure below: The Voice of Brain Injury.

For more information about these projects or BIAA’s bold vision for the future, please contact Robbie Baker, Vice President & Chief Development Officer, at (703) 761-0750 ext. 648 or via email at

BIAA has a bold vision for the future

With your support, you can help us extend our reach, expand specialized training, amplify the voice of the brain injury community, and invest in new lines of research.