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What color is the Awareness Ribbon for Brain Injury?

What color is the Awareness Ribbon for Brain Injury?

Since coordinating the very first Brain Injury Awareness Month, the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) has recognized blue as the color for brain injury awareness activities. Years later, a generous supporter donated thousands of green wristbands to BIAA and they were distributed to supporters and advocates, likely leading to the confusion of color years later.

Many websites recognize green as the color for traumatic brain injury (TBI), and blue for all brain injuries. Regardless of blue or green, BIAA is simply pleased to see advocates working at raising awareness. 





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​Every brain injury is different, yet there are lessons we can learn from the experiences of others. No matter whether you are an individual with a brain injury, a family member, caregiver, or clinician, your story is important.

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