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This is a safe place where people can share their stories and where others can comment on the stories they've read. We do not edit the stories. The words are your own, but we do have a few simple rules.

Guidelines for Personal Stories

  1. We cannot guarantee that every story will be posted, but we try to post a wide range of stories.
  2. We do not post stories with profanity.
  3. Please remember to proof your submission for any errors and length. Submissions of less than five sentences will not be approved.
  4. We cannot post videos, but please include an image on the submission form.
  5. Use the tags to find stories that will be helpful to you. Tags are terms used to describe the story.
  6. Commenting on stories is encouraged. The Brain Injury Association of America reserves the right to remove comments that are offensive, inappropriate, or are blatantly marketing a specific product. Readers are encouraged to share their opinions, but remember these are real stories.
  7. Submitting a Personal Story is an opportunity to engage with other caregivers or brain injury survivors; to share inspiration and hope. If you have a question or are looking for information on a resource, please contact us at 1-800-444-6443.

Share Your Story

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Read Personal Stories

Facing brain injury may be a challenge, but you are not alone in your journey. Read about others in similar situations in BIAA's Personal Stories section.

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