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Brain Injury Awareness Month

Join the More Than My Brain Injury Campaign

The Brain Injury Association of America leads the nation in observing Brain Injury Awareness Month in March each year.

The #MoreThanMyBrainInjury Campaign

More than my brain injuryMany people with disabilities have their lives defined for them. The #MoreThanMyBrainInjury campaign gives individuals a chance to overcome those definitions, allowing them to tell their own stories and change the narrative of their lives.

This Brain Injury Awareness Month, join the #MoreThanMyBrainInjury campaign in a way that feels uniquely you.

Table of Contents

How You Can Get Involved

  • Share your story. Whether you want to share your story in writing, post to social media, explore your artistic side, or amplify the voices of others, there are many different paths to raising awareness of brain injury.  Tag BIAA in your post or use the #MoreThanMyBrainInjury hashtag to participate. Continue reading to access our creative resources.
  • Get another perspective. Read or watch the personal experiences of members of the brain injury community. Watch one of our social media live streams or download campaign collateral.
  • Speak out. Advocates with a personal investment in the cause make the greatest champions. Consider writing a letter to the editor. Continue reading to access resources for engaging the media.
  • Mobilize. Review our 2023 Legislative Issue Briefs and stay tuned for updates on activities for Brain Injury Awareness Day.
  • Do more. Ready to take the next step? Join the many BIAA supporters who are raising funds for brain injury services, support, and research all across the United States. Start your fundraiser today!
  • Buy More Than My Brain Injury merchandise. Mugs, t-shirts, and sweatshirts are available for purchase in our online store. When you buy a product, a portion of the proceeds go toward supporting BIAA programs. Access the store here.
  • Stay updated. Join our email list to receive updates all month long about ways to get involved. Sign up for updates.

Calendar of Events

Kickoff to Brain Injury Awareness Month – March 1, 2023

  • This took place on March 1, 2023 on Facebook Live. BIAA’s Director of Consumer Services, Greg Ayotte, was joined by members of the Brain Injury Advisory Council to have a conversation about ways to get involved for Brain Injury Awareness Month. You can watch the recording below.

Brain Injury Awareness on Capitol Hill – Week of March 6, 2023

  • Throughout the week, BIAA will be facilitating meetings with advocates and their members of congress. We’ll also be sharing our 2023 Legislative Issue Briefs.

Concussion Awareness Now! – Week of March 13, 2023

  • Concussions can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. To help spread awareness, share your concussion story with us. Tag us in your post or share it on your own social channels with the #ConcussionAwarenessNow hashtag.

How to Become an Advocate – Week of March 20, 2023

  • On March 21, BIAA’s Director of Consumer Services, Greg Ayotte, was joined by Heather Matty, BIAA’s Information and Resource Specialist to discuss how individuals can get involved with brain injury advocacy. You can view the recording below.

Share Your Story

More than my brain injuryToo often, brain injuries and survivors are ignored. During Brain Injury Awareness Month, we encourage you to share your story to show others that they are not alone. We have compiled materials that you can use to share your story on social media. Feel free to download the materials or use them to create your own! Make sure to tag us in your posts and use the #MoreThanMyBrainInjury hashtag, so BIAA can boost and amplify your story.


Social Media Assets

Pre-Written Templates

Become an advocate

Advocacy is central to BIAA’s mission and a key part of Brain Injury Awareness Month. The brain injury community has so much power when it comes to advocating for the causes that affect them. Here’s some resources to help you advocate:

  • View our legislative issue briefs to see what legislative topics BIAA is prioritizing. These are issues that you can speak to your state and federal legislators about.
  • Sign up for our Policy Corner newsletter. This weekly publication provides an up-to-date account of brain injury-related public policy in the federal legislature. This is a great way to stay involved with advocacy all year long.
  • Watch the recording of the How to Be an Advocate Facebook Live event in late March. This event featured BIAA’s Director of Consumer Services, Greg Ayotte, and by Heather Matty, BIAA’s Information and Resource Specialist. Together, they discussed how individuals can get involved with brain injury advocacy. Watch the recording below. 

Brain Injury Awareness in the News and Media Inquiries

Brain Injury Awareness Month is a major event in the public health space. There are more than 5.3 million individuals in the United States who are living with a permanent brain injury-related disability. That’s one in every 60 people. At least 2.8 million Americans sustain traumatic brain injuries in the United States every year. As a result, Brain Injury Awareness Month rallies a large community into raising awareness and advocating for causes they care about.

All recent BIAA news and press releases can be viewed on our media page.

For all media inquiries, please contact Steve Walsh, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, at or (703) 761-0750 ext. 643.

About Brain Injury

An acquired brain injury (ABI) is an injury to the brain that is not hereditary, congenital, degenerative, or induced by birth trauma. Essentially, this type of brain injury is one that has occurred after birth. There are two types of acquired brain injury: traumatic and non-traumatic.

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is defined as an alteration in brain function, or other evidence of brain pathology, caused by an external force or trauma. Traumatic impact injuries can be defined as closed (or non-penetrating) or open (penetrating).

Brain injuries are complex and this information only scratches the surface. The BIAA website has lots of information on the various types of brain injuries, their effects, and more. Start your brain injury education journey here.


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