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Advocacy Matters - Story by Ashten Vincent
Ashten Vincent

Advocacy Matters

I suffered from a brain injury in 2016, and I still have symptoms from it to this day. That's why it is so important to be an advocate.

The Reality of TBI - Story by Bridgette Brown
Bridgette Brown

The Reality of TBI

"So September 17, 2017, was a day that I will never forget. They shot Michael in the left side of his head."

Brain Injury Advocate Featured in People Magazine - Story by Ali Sagese
Ali Sagese

Brain Injury Advocate Featured in People Magazine

Ali Sagese is chronicled in "Everything Went Black" by Jason Duaine Hahn, as featured in People Magazine.

Finding the Right Resources - Story by ​Jane Parks-McKay
​Jane Parks-McKay

Finding the Right Resources

​Jane and her husband, Tim, both sustained brain injuries at different points in their lives. They live with the residual effects every day.

​Advocating for Yourself - Story by ​Sarah Lefferts
​Sarah Lefferts

​Advocating for Yourself

Sarah learns that her injury may be invisible, but she isn't - and that it's OK to put her own needs first.

Making Your Voice Heard - Story by ​Anne Forrest
​Anne Forrest

Making Your Voice Heard

Anne is a member of the BIAA Brain Injury Advisory Council and works to increase brain injury awareness every day.

A Rising Star - Story by Blake Hyland
Blake Hyland

A Rising Star

Following fourteen year old Blake's TBI in a gymnastics accident, the Hyland family learns a new way of life.

Truly Not Alone - Story by Melissa Shuman
Melissa Shuman

Truly Not Alone

Before reaching out to her local brain injury association and finding an ABI support group, Melissa had nowhere to turn for advice.

Chasing Hope - Story by Ansley Blue Harper
Ansley Blue Harper

Chasing Hope

Each year, Ansley hosts "Beauty Queens Bowling for Brain Injury" in memory of her brother, Chase.