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Izy Engel, Hayley Tovey, and Regan Tarasewicz posing during their college graduation wearing caps and gowns
Izy Engel, Hayley Tovey, and Regan Tarasewicz

Young Inventors Inspire with Generosity and Innovation

Concussions are treatable with rehabilitation and can affect more than your brain. Getting the right treatment is critical.

A Rising Star - Story by Blake Hyland
Blake Hyland

A Rising Star

Following fourteen year old Blake's TBI in a gymnastics accident, the Hyland family learns a new way of life.

BIAA Champion Cathy Grochowski playing guitar and holding a microphone.
Cathy Grochowski

Survivor Turned Advocate Pays It Forward

Through her journey with brain injury, Cathy Grochowski learned an important lesson: be your own best advocate.

Father Inspires Son to Give Generously - Story by Steven Roberts, Ph.D.
Steven Roberts, Ph.D.

Father Inspires Son to Give Generously

"It is critically important for us to advance awareness, research, treatment, and education of such injuries, and to improve the lives of every single human being who is or who will be affected by them."

BIAA Champion Lance Trexler pictured with wife Laura Trexler with mountains and trees in the background
Lance and Laura Trexler

Professionals Support Brain Injury Research

Lance and Laura Trexler have spent decades together serving the brain injury community.

BIAA Champion Ira Sherman headshot
Ira Sherman

Washington, D.C. Attorneys Support Brain Injury Research

Ira Sherman is no stranger to recognizing a need and doing something about it.

Image of Steve Gursten in his office
Steve Gursten

Legal Expertise With Survivors In Mind

Steve strongly believes that lawyers who represent victims of traumatic brain injury have a special obligation.

Dylan Flynn poses with a Pass The Bass t-shirt
Dylan Flynn

Brain Injury Survivor Embraces Advocacy

As a survivor, Dylan believes he's in the "ideal position to spread awareness and raise money to help individuals struggling with brain injury."

Personalized Representation With You in Mind - Story by Randy Rozek
Randy Rozek

Personalized Representation With You in Mind

Randy has been advocating for brain injury survivors for over 20 years