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MAINE - Paula Sparks - Story by Paula Sparks
Paula Sparks

MAINE - Paula Sparks

August 29, 2016, was my "rebirth-day." It was the end of an old decade and the beginning of a new one. I have moved on—not as the old person I used to be, not rid of all that had occurred in the past 10 years, but as a new person living a new reality. Living with what I do and don’t have now that I had back then.

MAINE - Samantha Horn Olsen - Story by Samantha Horn Olsen
Samantha Horn Olsen

MAINE - Samantha Horn Olsen

​A sunny Friday in February was the day my energy slammed back into town. Sitting at breakfast at the Augusta House of Pancakes, I felt the familiar vibration of my body ready to move and explore. It had been that way for years now, except for the past months while I had a concussion. In November, a friendly basketball game resulted in an accidental sharp elbow between my eyes, breaking my nose, snapping my head back, and causing a mild traumatic brain injury. I spent months seeking care that was effective, and I had to rely on my family for virtually everything, including help researching treatment options.

MAINE - Daryne Rockett - Story by Daryne Rockett
Daryne Rockett

MAINE - Daryne Rockett

Cashew-crusted chicken was searing in a skillet on the stovetop while tomato sauce simmered on the back burner and a pan of brownies baked in the oven. I had waited longer than recommended to turn on the exhaust fan, because eleven months into my recovery from a so-called mild TBI...

MAINE - Tony Sutton - Story by Tony Sutton
Tony Sutton

MAINE - Tony Sutton

​I am lucky. I wanted to start by saying that, as others have had far more difficult situations than myself. I was asked to share my survivor story because it helps break the mold of what brain injuries look like and how they vary in individuals.

Maine - Suzanne Morneault - Story by Suzanne Morneault
Suzanne Morneault

Maine - Suzanne Morneault

When I think of brain injury it paints a certain picture in my mind of a fun filled family day at the beach. Yeah, it sounds kind of weird...

Finding the Right Resources - Story by ​Jane Parks-McKay
​Jane Parks-McKay

Finding the Right Resources

​Jane and her husband, Tim, both sustained brain injuries at different points in their lives. They live with the residual effects every day.

​Advocating for Yourself - Story by ​Sarah Lefferts
​Sarah Lefferts

​Advocating for Yourself

Sarah learns that her injury may be invisible, but she isn't - and that it's OK to put her own needs first.

Making Your Voice Heard - Story by ​Anne Forrest
​Anne Forrest

Making Your Voice Heard

Anne is a member of the BIAA Brain Injury Advisory Council and works to increase brain injury awareness every day.

A Rising Star - Story by Hyland Family
Hyland Family

A Rising Star

Following fourteen year old Blake's TBI in a gymnastics accident, the Hyland family learns a new way of life.