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My own little nightmare

I was in a really bad car accident on December 23rd, 2017. I still to this day have little to…

Megan Runk


When nightmares become real

On January 27, 2022 the life of my children was turned upside down. A fear that we have all shared…

Samantha Boudreaux


Invisible scar

My fall in July 2017 resulted in a broken neck, herniated discs, and a fractured left ankle. I thought it…


Healing A Head

I was working as a TV journalist in New York City when my own life story was rewritten. Walking through…

Kayla Laine


Me and my TBI

My name is Leighton Ashford. I'm a 49 year old Insurance Adjuster. At least I used to be, for the…


July 5, 1952

At 72 I have always managed to function and project an image that nothing was wrong. July 5, 1952 on…

Leonard Amaral

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