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Selecting the right legal representation is critical. The Brain Injury Association of America's Preferred Attorneys have demonstrated their knowledge of the physical, cognitive, emotional, and financial tolls a brain injury can inflict.

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The Preferred Attorneys Program is provided solely as resource for the public and does not represent any endorsement, guarantee, approval, or warranty with respect to any attorney. BIAA does not provide legal services and is not responsible for legal services rendered by firms in the Preferred Attorneys Program. Attorneys pay to participate in the Program. BIAA disclaims all liability for any claims, losses, or damages in connection with the services of any firm in the Preferred Attorneys Program.

Guide to Selecting Legal Representation

Searching for an expert brain injury attorney to represent you or your loved one may be a daunting task. BIAA's Guide to Selecting Legal Representation is an excellent place to learn more about what to expect.

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Since my son had a brain injury, I've worried about him every day. Will he get the support and help he needs to succeed in school? Will he go to college and have a rewarding career? Will he be able to live a long and happy life?

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) has helped people like me and my son for decades, and I want the organization to be here for other families for decades to come. Your donation will help ensure that BIAA has the resources necessary to continue as the voice of brain injury, fighting on behalf of every member of the brain injury community.

- Molly Owens, mother of 10-year-old Daniel