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Workplace Fundraising

It’s a company fundraiser – and you’re in charge!

Every year, companies large and small host fundraising events to bring employees together around a common goal, working to make their community better or honoring a person or cause that has touched their heart. They sell tickets for Casual Friday, host potluck lunches, or even set up post-work happy hour events. No matter the occasion, the Brain Injury Association of America can provide guidance and best practices to make your fundraiser a success from every angle.

And now that everyone is working from home…

Perhaps you are not “together” with your colleagues as much as you used to be and are working from home. Consider hosting a virtual happy hour, video chat bingo, or trivia night as a way to engage in your fundraiser while remaining physically distant. Looking for other ideas? Email us.

Online fundraising makes it easy.

Using our state-of-the-art online fundraising tool, you can create your own webpage that makes it possible for anyone to support your fundraising effort – with the funds coming directly to BIAA. There’s no need to worry about taking a collection, keeping track of cash, sending a receipt, and so on; we do that work for you!

Get started

Want to use BIAA’s name and logo?

  • Promotional materials mentioning BIAA must be approved by BIAA in advance of distribution.
  • Events must comply with all federal, state, and local laws governing charitable fundraising including but not limited to gift reporting, special events, raffles, and ticket sales.
  • The event registration form must be submitted to BIAA at least 21 days before the activity.
  • BIAA does not authorize a third party or any third party employees or representatives to act as an agent of BIAA. For example, third parties may not open a bank account in BIAA’s name nor may they endorse or attempt to negotiate any checks made payable to BIAA, all of which must be promptly forwarded to BIAA for processing.

Speak to a member of BIAA's Sales Staff

Do you have a question about a partnership or advertising opportunity, or a unique idea to support BIAA and promote your organization? Our sales professionals are ready to help!

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