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Concussion Story Wall

Special "Sneak Peek" | CrashCourse by TeachAids

Through its upcoming Concussion Story Wall project, CrashCourse by TeachAids has collected nearly 4,000 stories from individuals with concussion and their families. Forty of these stories are previewed here.

Learn About Concussion

CrashCourse is an interactive learning experience featuring the latest science around concussions.

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Hear survivors and caregivers tell their stories.

About the Concussion Story Wall

Available late fall, the CrashCourse Concussion Story Wall interactive database will include nearly 4,000 individual stories relating to how the injury occurred, the symptoms experienced, and personal suggestions from those who have been affected by a concussion. It is intended as a comprehensive resource for the many who have been impacted including athletes, parents, coaches, officials, teachers, and military veterans. An additional highlight of the Concussion Story Wall will be a panel of 14 of the world’s leading medical experts addressing specific aspects of concussions related to symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

The CrashCourse suite consists of four products: CrashCourse Football (12min), CrashCourse Brain Fly-Through (8min), CrashCourse Concussion Story Wall (late fall 2020), and CrashCourse Multi-Sport Concussion Education (coming 2021). Several of these products have been developed and disseminated in collaboration with the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee’s National Sports Governing Bodies.

To learn more about concussion and view the CrashCourse curriculum, click here.

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