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All FAQs

How can I reach the National Brain Injury Information Center (NBIIC)?

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The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) established the National Brain Injury Information Center (NBIIC) to support individuals and families who experience the life-changing effects of brain injury. The compassionate, knowledgeable brain injury specialists at NBIIC offer user-friendly information about brain injury and assist those who reach out in locating the specific rehabilitative, legal, financial, and other support services critical to maximizing their individual recovery needs. 

You may speak to a local brain injury specialist now by contacting BIAA’s National Brain Injury Information Center (NBIIC) at 1-800-444-6443. You can also submit your information below to send a secure form to NBIIC specialists through our website. To reach out to the Brain Injury Association in your state, click here to find your BIA.

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