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Raise $1,000 in 10 Days

Follow these steps to raise $1,000 for BIAA in just 10 days!

  1. Day 1 – $25: Kick start your fundraising and lead by example! Make a self-donation. Your network will be more likely to give if they see that you have.

  2. Day 2 – $125: Post a link to your online fundraising site on all your social media channels and let people know that no donation is too small. If ten of your connections each donate $10, that’s $100!
  3. Day 3 – $175: Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50 (or better yet, find out if your company will match what you raise!)
  4. Day 4 – $225: Ask your company if you can accept donations in exchange for a dress-down day at work. Charge five of your co-workers $5 each and add $25 to your fundraising!
  5. Day 5 – $450: Ask ten neighbors to donate $25 each and add $250 to your fundraising!
  6. Day 6 – $575: Reach out to five family members and ask them to donate $25 each, getting you $125 closer to your goal!
  7. Day 7 – $775: Ask ten close friends to each give a $20 donation to raise an additional $200.
  8. Day 8 – $875: Host a community bake sale to raise an additional $100.
  9. Day 9 – $925: Ask ten members from a club or house of worship if they will give $5 each to raise an additional $50.
  10. Day 10 – $1,000: Ask three businesses you use a lot (dry cleaners, nail salon, coffee shop, barber/hairstylist, etc.) to give $25 for the final $75!

Ready to get started? We can help. To create a custom fundraising page or talk to us about other options, contact our development team at 703-761-0750 ext. 645 or via email at

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Do you have a question about a donation, tribute gift, or event idea for BIAA? Our fundraising professionals are ready to help!

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Picture of brain injury survivor Cathy with quote that says I am grateful to have had resources and support early in my journey.

Help us do more for people like Cathy who rely on BIAA for resources and support.

Your gift could mean twice as much – our Board of Directors is matching gifts up to $25,000.

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