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Where can I locate brain injury resources in my state?

Where can I locate brain injury resources in my state?

Locating brain injury resources can be a challenge. Often an individual is not entirely sure what type of professional can help or how to find a professional that understands brain injury. This article is designed to offer some suggestions to help with the search.

  • Know your needs. Write up a list of the services/help that you need. This may seem obvious, but having that available can be useful. Start with the highest priorities first. When contacting an agency, have that list available. Write down some questions before you call. This will help keep the call focused on getting information that can help you.
  • Use the Brain Injury Association in your state as a resource. They will have information about brain injury resources in your state. You can find the contact information on our site in the Find Your BIA section.
  • Locate a brain injury support group in your area. The leader of the group or other members may have knowledge of local services and programs that could be of use to you. You can find support group information through Brain Injury Association affiliates in the Find Your BIA section.
  • A brain injury rehabilitation program near you may be able to offer some assistance to you or your loved one. They may have information about professionals they work with in the community that understand brain injury. CARF is an organization that accredits a variety of rehabilitation programs, including those treating brain injury. You can find brain injury rehabilitation programs on their website

Additionally, here are other helpful resources to find brain injury professionals in your community:

For General Resources in your community (housing supports, utility assistance, etc):

  • 211: In most states if you dial 211 you will be connected to an Information and Referral Agency that has a database of social services program in your state. 
  • Independent Living Centers: Independent Living Centers can offer information about housing and community supports. Locate your local Independent Living Center here.

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