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How do I choose the best program for my loved one?

How do I choose the best program for my loved one?

This is the most common question we receive through our National Brain Injury Information Center (1-800-444-6443). The question that really needs to be asked is "what is the best rehabilitation program that will meet the needs of my loved one?"

Brain injury can result in a wide range of issues post injury. There is no one program that has expertise in all the potential challenges of a brain injury. Some programs may have expertise in motor and swallowing issues post injury, while others offer expertise in behavioral and psychiatric issues post injury.

Keep in mind that family members are the only ones in the rehabilitation process that knew the person with a brain injury before the injury. This insight can be valuable in deciding the best match for rehabilitation services. 

View BIAA's Guide to Selecting & Monitoring a Rehabilitation Service Provider

Contact the Brain Injury Association in your state to learn about available programs and resources.

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