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Horse Chick – I’m STILL riding that horse!

March 7, 2022
Horse Chick – I’m STILL riding that horse!

Good day! My name is Kristi. In 2016 I was in a bad horseback riding accident resulting in a TBI. Life has been quite challenging since! I recently went back to school despite receiving any rehabilitation and not being able to retain what I read. I should receive my certification of completion for Equine Muscularskeletal Unwinding within the next month. You can check out the school Holistic Horseworks. Level 1 starts as a 3 day course but has taken me a year and a half. But I did it! All by myself with no tutors or anyone besides the founder of the technique April Love. Her passion and patience has given me a whole new life. I am so very grateful for her taking personal interest on helping me, accommodating me in any way she can because of my TBI and the stumbling blocks that have come along with such a disability. She has been my personal angel through thins. Oh! And the accident was not my horses fault. I am still riding her. The event traumatized her as well, creating even a stronger bond between the two of us. Yes I am still riding her!!!! She is now a Horse for Riders with special needs Like autism, Troubled Teens, among other areas of those with special needs. I teach those with special needs how to ride and they ALL love Babe, and Babe absolutely loves them. 
I am excited to have found this association and can not wait to dive into what the Brain Injury Association of America has to offer as well as making new friends. People that understand what it is like having a TBI themselves and the programs there are for family and friends of those with TBI’s!
Have a joyful day, and peace be with you!
Horse Chick

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