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My Neurotoxic Brain Injury Story

March 11, 2020
My Neurotoxic Brain Injury Story

In 2015 I started struggling with symptoms that included headache/lightheadedness, fatigue, extreme concentration/short term memory problems, agitation, leg pain/weakness and balance/coordination difficulties. I started to suspect it was the medication I was taking. A brain MRI, QEEG, Brain SPECT scan and Neuropsychological Testing all showed significant abnormalities specific to Neurotoxicity (chemical induced brain damage). These results, along with a medical review and research of the medication, indicated that the drug can and did cause neurotoxicity (drugs are chemicals) in my case. I was given a diagnosis of Toxic Encephelopathy and resulting Medication induced Major Neurocognitive Disorder. As it turns out, every single one of my symptoms I had and still have are listed as potential adverse effects located on the package insert warnings of the medication that injured me. In addition the medication class had it’s own toxicity syndrome which apparently was completely missed by doctors. And as a result I was kept on the medication much too long…..causing additional complications. Prior to my injury I was a fit, social guy and active father. I was also a mid level sales manager for the third largest consulting company in the world. Now I cannot operate a car, a microwave, read large blocks of text, or follow TV or conversations. This limits my ability to maintain relationships at the same intensity I previously had. My mobility issues requires that I use a roller walker with longer distances. I rely on family, friends, caregivers and other resources to help with cooking, cleaning, taking care of my house, transportation and financial matters. It is now March of 2020. I am currently being treated by two physicians familiar with Neurotoxicity. One is considered the top “brain injury specialist” in the state. I have not given up hope quite yet.

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