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Ryan Ball’s Severe Brain Injury.

October 4, 2021

My name is Ryan Ball, born on April 29, 2002. In May 2011, my parents Kristen Midget and Brandon Midgett were getting married and then on a honeymoon. While they were gone, I was gonna be babysat by my biological father, Bobby Ball. I was tubing at fast speeds, then suddenly, I was hit by a tube piling. I was then rushed to the nearest hospital in Richmond, Virginia, where they were going to heal my brain. After that, I was then taken to the Children’s Hospital of King’s Daughters to take therapy. I wasted the whole summer of 2011 because of having a brain injury and taking physical therapy, but after my brain injury, I started taking musical theater. Now, I’m an author of a book called The Bird’s Wings, about a boy who had a severe brain injury and wanted to star on broadway his whole life. I now continue to write books in my book series.

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