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Brain Injury can Change Everything

April 14, 2022
More than my brain injury

My stepson was 17 yrs old when he received a TBI due to flipping his 4 wheeler that landed on top of his head. He was in a coma for 3 days and as he became more responsive he was forever changed. It was awful for everyone involved. I can remember how frustrated he would get when he couldn’t remember simple things. He would tell me about hearing voices how he couldn’t get the demons out of his head. He would talk dirty to girls who were complete strangers right in front of me. He never did that before. There was some drug use prior to the TBI, and it got increasingly worse after the injury. A year later he would found in a ditch in freezing weather where he had been laying for 12 hours after a car wreck. He died a year later, it was suicide by cops. I am telling my story so family do all the research they need to educate themselves on how or how not to help your family member with a TBI. When my stepson got the TBI I did some research on the TBI to help him the best I could however I still wasn’t prepared enough. What I would say to other families is get a support group for the the person with the TBI but also for the family & care givers it’s essential. 

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